Massage Therapy to combat back pain

Back Pain is something that very few will escape with during their lives. Some will get mild instances of it, whereas others will have it to a debilitating degree. For some surgery is an option whereas for others it will be more a case of managing the symptoms.

Very often this wil be through prescription painkillers for example, which will bring a whole host of potential issues such as addiction and other side effects and so many people nowadays are looking for more holistic approaches to dealing with back problems.

Some of the most common natural approaches include changes to diet, stretching, yoga and massage therapy. Massage has been shown to be particularly effective especially when combined with strengthening exercises and a proper regime of stretching to improve flexibility and range of movement.

There are many places in the UK where one can get a suitable massage ranging from Swedish masseuses through to sports massage. Some will even use some of the less conventional therapies such as thai, Japanese and sensual massage for example. The key really is having a good trained and professional therapist.

Depedning on the casue of the pain, you therapist can also advise you on different things which could be prolonging the back pain or making it worse such as posture and if you are in a physical job, how you are lifting things etc. With a dedicated and concerted approach to relieving back pain, people using ti can often get a lot of relief and generally will find these natural approaches much more permanent and long lasting that by simply some tablets to purely just treat the symptoms of the pain!

There are many options for massage therapy across London and the UK and one can get a lot of information on the subject with some simple google searches on the subject!

Choosing massage for mental wellbeing

Many people will associate massage with general physical health with things like sports injuries, back problems etc but there really is a lot more that can be treated with massage that we cannot directly see or feel for example

Many doctors will agree that massage can be a very good way to treat things like depression, anxiety and people that suffer from insomnia and this in part is due to the fact that a good professional massage will enable your body to properly relax which in turn will then help your body to de-stress, stress being one of the major components of these issues. People will then say that once you have the body in this relaxed state again you are then able to efficiently use some other coping skills that you may have picked up through other counselling methods to get your problems back in check

The problem with these sort of mental ailments is that the people that suffer from them can tend to let them spiral out of control and it is things like massage that can bring you back to the ground level so to speak that will help regain perspective and help you to refocus

There have many studies around the world that have shown that people suffering from depression, cancer patients and many others have reported significant improvements in depression and anxiety symptoms with regular massage than those that did not have any massage

An example of well-known massage establishments in London that focuses on massage of a more erotic nature is cloud nine who offer a complete tantric massage option for all over body mind and spiritual health. Again this is not all about the physical being and many people have reported some great benefits using tantra as a therapy too!

Some reasons to learn about tantra

It is believed that tantra was first born over 5000 years ago and is an ancient eastern philosophy. In a similar vein like Zen or even Yoga for example the general purpose is enlightenment and this covers all aspects of one’s life not just the bedroom as commonly thought by some who are new or have no real knowledge of the subject.

The belief of tantric followers is that when you get a meeting of the male and female unions in a sexual sense which is the Shakti and the Shiva this will be the very peak of enlightenment. The real key to practicing tantra is very simple, your breath!

By mastering this difficult of art of breathing both the Shakti and the Shiva learn to control urges and can enjoy much greater sessions of passion with each other and in the process form a much stronger and deeper emotional bond, which can of course be ideal for healing and strengthening relationships that might be under strain or just getting slightly stale for example

Tantra is used by more and more couples to gain a better understanding of each other and to learn each other more. This is why couples tantric massage is quite the thing these days all across the UK and particularly in the London area. One example of a well known company that provide these services is Tantric Massage London who offer a training session for couples as well as providing services for guys and women too on their own. Lots of stuff on the menu here and even some of the more exotic types of massage like the body to body nuru massage which is just downright slippery and sensual and not for the faint hearted!

How to give a nice foot massage

Warm things up a bit – The initial part is to get things started and this is where it’s a good idea to put a pillow in your lap and then use a towel to cover. First put the right foot on the pillow and then support her foot with your palm then you need to use your other hand to start rotating her feet both clockwise and anticlockwise

The stroking of the arch – now you can put her foot back on your lap and this is when you will apply some moisturizer to each of your thumbs and then start to apply pressure to the arch of her foot  in small circles in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion for a duration of about 30 seconds

Work on the toes – this is where you need to use both the thumb and the index finger to start to gently squeeze her toes, starting off at the biggest and working your way down to the little pinkie. This is where you need to use the thumb to make clockwise circles at the bottom of each toe for about 10 seconds in the reverse order from the pinkie up to the big toe

Soothing of the sole – Beginning always at the ball of the foot you need to make small circles using your thumbs both clockwise and anticlockwise. You should finish by using both your thumb and also you middle finger to gently squeeze the area below the ankle for roughly about ten seconds

This little guide was put together by the Tantric Temple who also teach couples how to massage and offer some of the most delightful tantric massage London services that you will find anywhere in the capital for incall as well as outcall massage too!

Choosing different massage therapies

Massage has been around for thousands of years and the reason it has survived the test of time because it really does bring with it so many benefits to people that use it. It has been used extensively over the years by the ancient Greeks, Indians the Chinese and in the Middle East to help combat a range of common ailments.

Most people that use massage will straight away start to feel calm and relaxed. This is mainly due to the body starting release endorphins which are sometimes referred to as the feel good hormone throughout the body. In addition to the release of the this beneficial hormone it will also start to lower levels of not so good hormones such as adrenalin and also cortisone which is responsible for stress in the body and mind

Some of the common types of massage:

Aromatherapy – this is where essential oils are used in combination with the massage in order to bring about relief from different problems depending on the type of oil used

Reflexology – this is effectively a type of foot massage which can target all the different parts of the body through the nerves in the feet

Shiatsu – this is a Japanese method of massage and concertates on energy flow through the body, similar in essence to acupuncture

Therapeutic – quite often referred to as Swedish or Western massage therapy it aims to promote circulation in the body and also to help with circulation

Tantra – One of the common forms of erotic massage is the ancient tantra technique of tantric massage used for centuries and actually originating from India

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